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Suits: When pretty white boys get off sc...

SPOILER ALERT (Mike gets out of jail, but is it really surprising at this point? Really??) Alright, suits was never famous for being an authentic representation of high law in New York city. Yet, we all have grown to love it for the way the two protagonists Mike and Harvey go about kicking everyone’s ass. […]

Why Pokemon Go turned out to be the best...

Unless you are living under a rock, its impossible that you haven’t not heard of the Pokemon go phenomenon that took over the world these past couple of weeks. Millions of grown men are  reliving their childhood, chasing  little monsters, by walking with their phones scanning the streets for poke-stops and poke-gyms.  There were instances […]

The Americans — Greatest TV drama ever m

We are living in a truly golden age of television drama. Starting somewhere about a decade ago, the American television industry started producing some extraordinary dramas, which included shows like The Sopranos, Law and Order, Six Feet Under, and who can forget Dexter. Building on this great foundation came the next generation like “The Wire”, […]

My role in the Sydney Lindt Cafe reenact...

My role in the Sydney Lindt Cafe reenactment for 60 minutes

Channel 9 ran an exhaustive in-depth show about the Sydney siege as part of their 60 minutes season opener. I had a non-speaking part in that show, and I should say I feel very fortunate that I was involved in the effort to tell the world what happened inside that cafe that dreaded day.Although its […]