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India, don’t fall for drugs!! They are n

As India is getting wealthier, it is starting to see problems once confined to the west. Notable among them is alcoholism, and even worse drug addiction. It has become fashionable to do drugs, and kids are falling for this nasty demon because of peer pressure and bad influence from pop culture.   Let’s hope the […]

Akkineni Nagarjuna and his devotion to G...

Akkineni Nagarjuna and his devotion to God, among other things

Its common knowledge, to those who are from Andhra Pradesh, that veteran movie star Nagarjuna, is a degenerate womanizer and a shameless opportunist. But, if you notice his activities lately, you would be surprised by the amount of religious devotion he displays, especially when it comes to Tirupathi and Lord Venkateswara swamy. In the past […]