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Some little known facts about sneakers!!

I was flipping through an issue of Reader’s Digest I got my uncles collection, and there was a new section called “who knew”. Maybe, this isn’t even that new as I haven’t read the Indian edition of RD in a long while. Anyway, this particular issue had a nice little article about sneakers, and here […]

Property council Sydney –Worst example o

Property council Sydney –Worst example of how not to make your case

Ok, here is the deal. The property council Sydney has started an advertising blitz to pressure the government into leaving their tax policy intact in terms of negative gearing. The council clearly has a vested interest in a flourishing property market. They want people buying and selling property so they can keep making a handsome […]

Ultra smooth electic shaver from Philips...

What was originally an impulse purchase turned out to be one heck of an investment. I suffer from quite a rough stubble which grows really thick really fast. Sick of razor burns, I decided to buy an electric shaver at "Shavers Shop", and a combination of good salesmanship from the girl in-charge, and my particularly [...]

Lovely TV commercials for Cadburys India...

Lovely TV commercials for Cadburys India!!

We started watch some Indian Television lately, and among all the junk of mega serials and fraudulent infomercials, something really special caught my attention. These are the new commercials for Cadburys chocolates under the theme of Shub Arambh, a Hindi world which translates to a “Blessed Beginning”. I just love these ads, and I actually […]