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Think like a freak: Sunk cost fallacy

I have always been a great fan of Michael Levitt’s book “Freakonomics”. In my early post-college years, it was one of the very few books which shocked my brain into looking at things in radically different perspectives. I have used that book as a guide post when faced with challenges in life and work, and […]

What about the American Soldiers, they w...

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] What about the American Soldiers, they were just as violent as the Nazis :Second world war, according to Trump So, according to the president of the US, the American’s who so valiantly fought in the second world war are just as guilty as the Nazis they were fighting. Let this sink in for a […]

Some little known facts about sneakers!!

I was flipping through an issue of Reader’s Digest I got my uncles collection, and there was a new section called “who knew”. Maybe, this isn’t even that new as I haven’t read the Indian edition of RD in a long while. Anyway, this particular issue had a nice little article about sneakers, and here […]

Property council Sydney –Worst example o

Property council Sydney –Worst example of how not to make your case

Ok, here is the deal. The property council Sydney has started an advertising blitz to pressure the government into leaving their tax policy intact in terms of negative gearing. The council clearly has a vested interest in a flourishing property market. They want people buying and selling property so they can keep making a handsome […]

The bond of birth, heartwarming newborn ...

The bond of birth, heartwarming newborn twins

This is so beautiful, I had to share it. A mother gave birth to these mono-twins in the US, and to everyone’s delight in the delivery room, the two entered this world holding their hands. There is no dry eye in that room I bet. Very heartwarming, and so beautiful!! Welcome to the world guys, […]

Douchebaggery runs in the family

Douchebaggery runs in the family

I always assumed Mark Wahlberg rates among the biggest douche-bags in the world, until I found out about the existence of a bigger  douche, his brother Robert Wahlberg.   If you feel my characterization of these two brothers is a bit harsh, I recommend you watch “The Village” by Mark, and an episode of “Blue […]