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Testing Oracle DRM Webservices with Soap...

Oracle Data Relationship Manager ships with a robust webservice API which can be used to develop customised screens and workflows uisng Java. However, one of the first steps before embarking on that process is to deploy the DRM Webservice API onto Oracle Weblogic application server. Oracle have provided a very good tutorial on how to […]

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Setting up DRM Sample application provid...

This article was originally written on Trending Thoughts blog. It is reprinted here with permission from the authors. I get emails from many a people interested in either learning Oracle Data Relationship Management, or practice with a sample application. Unfortunately, there is no “sample” DRM application that ships with the product, like it does with […]

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Remote XUL manager issue with oracle Hyp...

Remote XUL manager issue with oracle Hyperion Workspace with Firefox browser

Some users get a non-responsive blank screen as shown below while trying to open workspace in Firefox browser. The above “blank” screen is because of enhanced security settings in Firefox browser. To fix this follow the steps below. Search for “remote XUL” in the plugins page. Click on “Add to Firefox “button and follow the […]

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Integrated workflow in Oracle Data Relat...

One of the main drawbacks of earlier versions of Oracle DRM was the fact that you need significant efforts to build work-flow into your metadata management. Oracle ships with DRM a basic work-flow development kit, using which the developers are expected to write Java code to build any meaningful work-flow. The effort required for this […]

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Oracle Data Relationship Management with...

If you googled for the netjnibridge process error, you came to the right page. Scroll down to the section “Potential Pitfalls” to read about it. After installing Oracle Data Relationship management, some clients require that DRM is integrated with their active directory system like Microsoft AD, Oracle Internet Directory etc. The good news is, it’s […]

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