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Superwogs – Border Security

To those of you who are not from Australia/UK, a bit of  cultural crash course about the word Wog. It is an insulting slang word, apparently used to talk of certain groups of ethnic people, mostly from Italy/Greece etc. Don’t quote me on this, but you can always go to Wikipedia for a more accurate […]

United Airlines, whole new meaning to Fi...

With 800 dollars and a hotel room as leverage, UA could have handled this over booking situation in a whole different way. Mind you, they wanted the passengers gone so they can accommodate their own crew. Meaning, they gave preference to their freaking  crew over their paying customers. On top of that, they waited for […]

Day light robbery at Indian banks

The new bank charges announced by banking sector this week go against PM Modi’s digital economy dreams. I have no idea what the Reserve bank was thinking when it allowed these charges. Charging users by transactions, just to deposit and withdraw your own money is surely going to force people away from banks and save […]

An open-letter to all Jallikattu support...

There is a battle of sorts raging on in India between supporters of a traditional sport called “JalliKattu” and those who oppose it in the name of animal cruelty and prevention. Unfortunately a overwhelming majority of people from the state of Tamilnadu have taken the position that its their god-given right to participate in the […]