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QOS setting on your router

I have an ASUS RT-AC66u router,  but any modern router will have an option called QoS, short for quality of service. This can be  a great tool to manage your network bandwidth, particularly at home when download and upload speeds are not superfast, and you need to give priority to certain applications, like gaming and […]

Why Pokemon Go turned out to be the best...

Unless you are living under a rock, its impossible that you haven’t not heard of the Pokemon go phenomenon that took over the world these past couple of weeks. Millions of grown men are  reliving their childhood, chasing  little monsters, by walking with their phones scanning the streets for poke-stops and poke-gyms.  There were instances […]

Ultra smooth electic shaver from Philips...

What was originally an impulse purchase turned out to be one heck of an investment. I suffer from quite a rough stubble which grows really thick really fast. Sick of razor burns, I decided to buy an electric shaver at "Shavers Shop", and a combination of good salesmanship from the girl in-charge, and my particularly [...]