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Day light robbery at Indian banks

The new bank charges announced by banking sector this week go against PM Modi’s digital economy dreams. I have no idea what the Reserve bank was thinking when it allowed these charges. Charging users by transactions, just to deposit and withdraw your own money is surely going to force people away from banks and save […]

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Akhi’s Bytes and NASA’s Flights

Akhi’s Bytes and NASA’s Flights: Off to Mars (Kindle Edition)

Let’s see if any of the names mean anything to you. Linda B. Buck, Elizabeth Blackburn, May-Britt Moser?? No? How about these below? Serena M. Aunon, Jeanette J. Epps, Sandra Magnus. Still no, right!!? In a world where Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, and Katy Perry are what we have for role models, how do we go […]
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Some little known facts about sneakers!!

I was flipping through an issue of Reader’s Digest I got my uncles collection, and there was a new section called “who knew”. Maybe, this isn’t even that new as I haven’t read the Indian edition of RD in a long while. Anyway, this particular issue had a nice little article about sneakers, and here […]

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Did Family Guy just Skewer some of Ameri...

I don’t need to tell you how funny and ruthlessly scathing Family Guy is when it comes to social commentary. They make crude and simplistic jokes about various aspects of our world, but also weave a brilliant and biting satire to make their point. To the uninitiated the show seems juvenile and their humor pedestrian,  […]

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Hillary Clinton Vs Trump, the great medi...

Just because one candidate is slinging mud at the other, doesn’t make the second one dirty. This election has been an embarrassing expose on the timid American media, where they think they have to give equal credence to whatever non-sense Trump is spouting, just because he is a candidate. No fact-checking, no questioning him back, […]

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