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Akhi’s Bytes and NASA’s Flights

Akhi’s Bytes and NASA’s Flights: Off to Mars (Kindle Edition)

Let’s see if any of the names mean anything to you. Linda B. Buck, Elizabeth Blackburn, May-Britt Moser?? No? How about these below? Serena M. Aunon, Jeanette J. Epps, Sandra Magnus. Still no, right!!? In a world where Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, and Katy Perry are what we have for role models, how do we go […]
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Man-eating Tiger of Yeleswaram

See larger image The man-eating tiger of Yeleswaram: and other tales from my Indian childhood (Kindle Edition) By (author):  Rajesh Valluri When a man-eating tiger was on the prowl terrorising villagers in the area, the local landlord, or Zamindar as they are called in India, took it upon himself to get rid of the menace. […]

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