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Testing Oracle DRM Webservices with Soap...

Oracle Data Relationship Manager ships with a robust webservice API which can be used to develop customised screens and workflows uisng Java. However, one of the first steps before embarking on that process is to deploy the DRM Webservice API onto Oracle Weblogic application server. Oracle have provided a very good tutorial on how to […]

If the real world were like India’s cong

If the real world were anything like the dynastic congress part of India, fools will be running the world, idiots would be in charge of universities, and thieves be policing the streets. Merit or talent would have no standing except for one’s birth.

Kingsman 2 : The Golden Circle — A refre

I haven’t written a movie review in a very long time because, let’s face it, there isn’t a movie worth reviewing. Amidst the constant stream of superhero franchises churning up the same old shitty formulaic action films year after year, and the sappy Oscar bait movies from time to time, Hollywood has bored me to […]

New scam using iSelect Insurance.

Hi everyone, very embarrassed to admit that I fell for a very simple fraud from online scammers. Its not even for a get rich or too good to be true scams. The beauty of the scam was the simplicity of the scam. It all started with a simple phone call from someone claiming to be […]

India, don’t fall for drugs!! They are n

As India is getting wealthier, it is starting to see problems once confined to the west. Notable among them is alcoholism, and even worse drug addiction. It has become fashionable to do drugs, and kids are falling for this nasty demon because of peer pressure and bad influence from pop culture.   Let’s hope the […]

What about the American Soldiers, they w...

What about the American Soldiers, they were just as violent as the Nazis :Second world war, according to Trump So, according to the president of the US, the American's who so valiantly fought in the second world war are just as guilty as the Nazis they were fighting. Let this sink in for a minute. [...]

How US forced Kim Jong Un to go nuclear!...

United States has all the hallmarks of a schoolyard bully. If you are timid and week, or if you have no friends, they will pick on you. They will bully you, harass you, attack you and even kill you. Case in point, the way they treated Saddam Hussein who had no major weapons, barely a […]