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Object Detection using YOLO V4 Darknet

What is object detection Bounding boxes mAP – Mean Average Precision Prediction Confidence Fast (er) R-CNN, HOG, SSD etc. YOLO is the most recent and most effective Prior to YOLO, object detection systems used classifiers or localizers to perform detection. Essentially, they would take an object from the list of classes, and they make several […]

Why are the months September through Dec...

Why are the months September through December misaligned with the numbers they imply? Not many people think about this issue. We have always used the calendar without questioning it, and we have always known September as the ninth month, October as the tenth, November as the Eleventh, and of course December the twelfth. What seems […]

Death of encryption, Thanks a lot Facebo...

Facebook has effectively ushered in the death of encryption. With device-level and at-client snooping to be enabled on Whatsapp, our communications will be only a few keystrokes away for the company. This would mean a government or legal agency could subpoena those comms or bring a warrant to access all of them. What this means […]

India should rename Dhronacharya Awards ...

India should rename Dhronacharya Awards to Vishwamitra Awards

The government of India honors its outstanding sports coaches with the “Dhronacharya” award.  Dhronachaarya is a mythological figure who has trained the Hindu warrior prince Arjuna and was instrumental in his success in the many battles and wars. Many consider Dhronachaarya to be the best coaches anyone can ask for. However, there is another side […]

Binaural audio!!

Most of the advancements in home entertainment have been with video. After the hugely successful 1080p/i format, it didn’t take long for TV manufacturers to up the ante with UHD and 4K. Even though the broadcasters haven’t kept up( none of the channels broadcast are in 4K), people went ahead and bought those TVs in […]


This book by Madeleine Albright should be made compulsory reading for everyone who has an interest in the future of civilization. I am not trying to be alarmist, I am just stating a fact. Secretary Albright has unique credentials to be an authority on the subject of fascism. As an eastern European Jew, she saw […]

Think like a freak: Sunk cost fallacy

I have always been a great fan of Michael Levitt’s book “Freakonomics”. In my early post-college years, it was one of the very few books which shocked my brain into looking at things in radically different perspectives. I have used that book as a guide post when faced with challenges in life and work, and […]

This kid made my day!! (who is behind th...

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=”” title=”Cutest kid ever”][/vc_column][/vc_row] Gotta love kids for their innocence and the joy they bring to the world!! Look at him trying to find the other kid behind the mirror.